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How to Clean and Maintain Your Nepal Wool Rug


A Nepal wool rug is a beautiful addition to your home. But as they are made of natural fibers, they require special techniques and care to keep them in good condition.


More than the usual vacuuming and spot cleaning, these rubs must be given professional cleaning yearly, which is highly recommended for this kind of filzkugelteppich.


Vacuuming Nepal Wool Rugs


Dust, dirt and other debris can be damaging to a wool rug. That's why you need to use a quality vacuum to remove them on a regular basis.


Below are tips to give you the best clean:


- The height of the vacuum should be set to "high" to prevent the rotating brush from agitating the rug too much.  Otherwise, the wool fibers could be damaged, there will be pilling and probably even shrinkage.


- The brushes on the beater bar must touch the rug lightly while you're vacuuming. This helps to remove the dirt deep within without causing too much agitation to the fibers.


- For the best suction, the vacuum bag or canister must be less than half full.


- Move the vacuum in a "V" path instead of straight back and forth. Alternating the vacuum's direction keeps you from crushing the fibers.


- The wool rug should be turned upside down and remember to vacuum the backside as well.


Professional Cleaning


Once a year, your wool rug must be thoroughly cleaned to remove general grime which a vacuum can't remove. You'll be pleasantly surprised how this brightens your carpet, making it look like new, and extends its life. Professional cleaning is generally advised for area rugs and wall to wall carpets. Wool fibers can be tricky for untrained hands, and that's what makes home cleaning a less suitable option. Remember that though Teppich manufacturers might want you to clean your carpets every 1 to 1.5 years, more frequent cleaning might be required, depending on the circumstances. These include kids who may spill sticky liquids on the fibers, indoor pets, and the like.


Cleaning Stains


It is critical that stains are removed immediately to keep them from setting in permanently. A clean white towel  works great for absorbing spills. Stains, however, should only be blotted and pressed and not scrubbed to avoid damaging or shrinking the fibers. If applicable, get a spoon and gently scoop the substance up. For wool area rugs, dry foam cleaning products work great and are safe too. These agents don't use a lot of water, meaning the rug will dry fast and won't likely develop mildew. In any case, all directions on the label should be followed to the letter.


Cleaning Products to Avoid 


There are many cleaning products which can damage a wool rug and should thus be avoided completely. These include bleach, hydrogen peroxide or "oxy" cleaners, alkaline cleaners (including soda ash) and dry powder cleaners.